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[...] Fortunately, the DC Air National Guard (DCANG) Website archives have not been erased, at least not yet. We'll show how to locate them below. These archives provide a key part of the evidence that the Air Force was not permitted to respond on 9-11.

You're right about 'combat-ready.' It is too broad a term. And as you say, the phrase "combat units in the highest possible state of readiness" is much clearer. We'll go through our 9-11 texts and make some changes, using this clearer wording.

The Website of the D.C. Air National Guard (DCANG) is at

But please don't go there yet.

As of April 19, 2001, that Website included the following statement:


To provide combat units in the highest

possible state of readiness."

This is powerful stuff. Consider. The military never makes public all its air defense procedures. If it did, a potential enemy could entirely circumvent defenses. So key air procedures are kept secret.

Therefore one can be sure that air defense information posted on the DCANG Website on April 19, 2001 and available to the general public excluded some key defense procedures. They would *understate*, not overstate.

When DCANG stated that its Mission was "To provide combat units in the highest possible state of readiness," they were indicating a general approach but leaving out the nitty gritty details. They were saying: 'Don't worry; we're ready. But we're not going to tell you our emergency plans.'

Given this understandable reticence, the phrase, "To provide combat units in the highest possible state of readiness," means that the DC Air National Guard at Andrews Air Force Base had fighter jets ready for an emergency.

And when you think about it, this would have to be the case. Not only is Andrews Air Force Base a few miles from the White House, the Pentagon, the Capital building and the CIA, but it is also the official airport of the US government.

The President flies out of Andrews. Other top US officials fly out of Andrews. Foreign diplomats and national leaders may arrive and depart from Andrews at any time. For instance:

"[There is] Tony Blair, Prime Minister of Britain. He has just landed here at Andrews Air Force Base." (CNN  November 7, 2001)

Let us say that as it took off from Andrews Air Force Base, Tony Blair's plane was attacked by a hostile jet. Would his pilot have to radio the attackers and ask them to kindly postpone their attack until US fighter jets arrived from Langley Air Force Base, 129 miles away?

Andrew's unique role as the Federal government's official airport is another reason DCANG would withhold key details of its emergency response procedures. So again, when DC ANG stated on its Website that its Mission at Andrews included providing combat units "in the highest possible state of readiness," one can be sure this meant Andrews was equipped to scramble aircraft in an emergency.

We'll show you how to find the April 19th backup of the DCANG Mission Statement in just a moment. Let us consider the significance of that statement, as it relates to 911.

The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) reported that it 'suspected' Flight 11 out of Boston had been hijacked by 8:20 Eastern Time. (1) So when Flight 11 hit the World Trade Center, of course the FAA knew this was a terrorist act. Vice President Cheney said on MEET THE PRESS September 16th that the FAA had open lines to the Secret Service as soon as Flight 11 hit the World Trade Center. So the Secret Service was in the know no later than 8:45 Eastern time. (2)

Flight 77 reached Ohio and turned around, heading back to Washington, DC around 8:55, we are told. At 9:06 the FAA reports that it ordered the air corridor from Cleveland, Ohio, to Washington, D.C. closed to all air traffic. (3)

We are told that Flight 77 hit the Pentagon around 9:45 Eastern time.

So here's the burning question: why weren't those combat jets which DCANG provided, "in the highest possible state of readiness" - why weren't those planes scrambled from Andrews Air Force Base *before* the Pentagon was hit?

Some respond that it was due to human error. The people at DCANG were asleep at the wheel. Well, military organizations don't accept explanations like that. A catastrophic failure leads to court martial. If the people at DCANG merely are guilty of criminal negligence in failing to respond, why haven't they been pilloried and put on trial?

Some respond that the whole military was lax before 9-11. Nobody was worried about security. Really? In a dispatch discussing security after 9-11, Associated Press noted that US military bases were already on security alert *before* 9-11:

"Earlier this summer, all three Army bases in Hampton Roads, including Fort Eustis and Fort Story, already had begun restricting public access to their grounds for security reasons. The bases did so under an order affecting major Army installations around the country.

"The Army required its bases to perform mandatory vehicle registrations. Military members and civilian employees were to receive vehicle decals serving as proof they have permission to be on base." ("Military Tightens Security in Wake of Apparent Terrorist Attacks," AP, 12 September 2001)

We'll put out an FAQ with more evidence concerning the myth of a security lapse prior to 9-11.

Now, here's how you can access the DCANG Mission Statement.


The Mission Statement is no longer posted on the DCANG Website, but you can (as of June 30th) access it by using the free archive service at They backed up the DCANG Website as it was on April 19th (with the Mission Statement) and on September 13th (without the Statement.)

Important point: we cannot say *exactly* when the Mission Statement was removed. We can only say with certainty that it was between April 19 and September 13, 2001.

Here's a step-by-step guide to access the Mission Statement:

1) Go to

2) You will see their logo, 'WAYBACK MACHINE.'

Just below the logo is a search box. After "https://" paste-in the following url:

3) Hit "enter." You will be taken to the index of backups for DCANG.

4) Click the hyperlink for "April 19, 2001."

5) This will take you to the DCANG website as it looked April 19th.

On the upper left click on the hyperlink, "Headquarters."

This will take you to a page with the Mission Statement:


To provide combat units in the highest

possible state of readiness."


1) If you are at the April 19th DCANG WebPage, hit the back-arrow twice.

If you are not, follow steps 1, 2 and 3 above. Either way you'll be at the DC ANG backups index page.

2) Click on the hyperlink for September 13, 2002.

3) On the upper right, click the hyperlink, "About the DCANG."

4) Click "MISSION AND VISION" on the upper left. This will take you to the new Mission Statement:

"Headquarters Mission

Be the premier State Head Quarters in the Air National Guard, Critically linked to our units and influencing the future of the DCANG."

In case the April; 19th archive is pulled from, we have made a backup. It is at

If possible, please make backups yourself as well.

- John Flaherty and Jared Israel